Silky Gloriosum Blanket

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Introducing this ultra-comfy Gloriosum leaf blanket. A soft and silky blanket is not only perfect for cuddling in but as a snuggly cape. Philodendron gloriosum plants are characterized by contrasting veins against velvet green heart-shaped leaves. This blanket's gradient greens and soft fluffy texture captures these gloriously large leaves into cozy foliage that hugs you back!

Luxury meets whimsical, this leaf blanket is as practical as it is decorative. How more immersive can you get with nature at home than wrapping yourself up in this cuddly leaf blanket?
Not only can this warm blanket keep you warm through the coldest nights, but you can also use it as a wrap for dancing around, lay it on the floor as a kid's play mat, or hang it as a wall tapestry to create your own oasis.

Available in 3 different sizes, you can get the perfect blanket to fit your life and needs.


Care instructions:
Folded edge hem
100% polyester
premium flannel fleece
Hand wash is recommended using a gentle detergent.
Line dry or lay flat to dry. The blanket dries very quickly!
Machine wash cool and gentle cycles only. Tumble dry low heat (no more than 40C) and remove promptly to preserve the softness of the fleece.