Majestic Toilet Planter

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MAKE YOUR PLANTS MORE FUN - Our Majestic Toilet Planter is a sure way to add a touch of friendliness to any home/space!

This pot is made from high-quality ceramic and will last a lifetime with the proper care! *plant not included* 

✔ ADD SOME GREEN TO THE INDOORS - Having these Majestic Toilet Planter filled with succulent desk plants or plants around the house will add a sense of fun and good vibes to your environment. Not just that, it instantly adds a dash of quirkiness to your living space.


Large: 5.12" x 3.35" x 6.14" Inches(L x W x H) 

Small: 4.13" x 2.76" x 4.80" Inches(L x W x H)